Welcome to Paranormal Ally!

Hello, my name is CeCe. Although I am not a paranormal investigator, I have been fascinated and intrigued by the paranormal since I was a little girl and have had an amazing time being involved with the topic. When I was three years old, I had my very first experience, but I’ll save that story, along with many others, for later, all of which have made me into the believer that I am today. Over the years, it has become one of my passions and my knowledge continues to grow as I continue to pursue this captivating subject.

This blog will be a combination of personal stories from myself and others paired with research about paranormal locations across the United States and eventually, the globe. It will also other paranormal and supernatural topics.

I also welcome all non-believers and skeptics as well! Ghosts and the paranormal can be a pretty in-depth topic and I look forward to all of the discussions! I will be posting to this blog every Monday (updated recently) so stay tuned and enjoy! I am very excited to share my experiences and stories with you and to be apart of this positive community!

Note: For those that may be wondering and say that ‘Wikipedia’ is not a reliable source, I completely hear you! But as a blogger, it means I have to be careful about using other website’s information that may be copywritten as to not steal their content without permission. I do ask permission for other useful websites that I find, though rarely some do respond, while more often than not, they do not typically respond, meaning I do not have their permission. So I’m not left with many options, but Wikipedia articles are typically under the Creative Commons License, meaning that anyone can use and distribute the information as they please as long as you give proper recognition and don’t plagiarize. And as far as being factual, Wikipedia does often times have credible information (or else I wouldn’t use it). What makes it unreliable is the fact that anyone can edit these pages. Thank you for understanding and I hope you still trust me as a blogger 🙂