The Haunting (and Strange) World of eBay

When it comes to haunted items, eBay has a wide variety of them. That is, after all, how the haunted Dybbuk Box rose to paranormal fame with its demonic nature. While the most common type of listings are often dolls or boxes, some of them are on the stranger side…

A Possessed Bunny Doll (With Cool Shades)

Haunted Bunny Doll found on eBay
Listing HERE

Referred to as the ‘Boo Boo Bunny,’ this stuffed toy apparently has a very powerful spirit residing inside of it. Powerful enough to move on its own as the owner stated, “I had her in a locked box and had to retrieve her from a tree outside..” She is most active while wearing her glasses as her ears go up on down and she says “Booooooo! Boooooo!” But when you remove the shades, the activity decreases although she still manipulates locks and locked doors and also hops (yes, HOPS) around at night while creating a weird, deep humming noise, making the owner too afraid to come out of her room at night. They also urge and warn that the bunny doll is becoming too powerful and too active for her to contain and control, thus giving her a reason to try and sell it.

Haunted Aztec-Type Mask

Haunted Aztec-Type Mask
Listing HERE

The owner of this haunted item states that they have been a medium for over 40 years and have been spending time selling some of their haunted objects from their collection. They have had the mask for over three years and places this mask in the top ten of their most haunted pieces. The Mask is active the most during the month of October and during early spring and is a “vessel” for spirit communication (tarot cards and Ouija boards working the best). While they disclaim that paranormal activity or hauntings might not actually occur, they also state that smells and screaming are often associated with the mask.


haunted coins from ebay
Listing HERE

This listing doesn’t really involve paranormal activity but rather spiritual energy that’s placed into each coin. The owner says that they have over twenty years of experience in the spiritual field and have taught psychic development. With every order (one coin), they “scan all the coins and see and feel which one is yours” and ”which one wants to be with you.” When you receive your coin, you are to place it in a special spot or carry it with you but it must be put in a positive environment or else the coin won’t be beneficial. The owner also states that the coins can move around on their own and ‘have bright spots’. Make a wish…

The Haunted iPad

haunted ipad from ebay
Listing HERE

I’m unsure wether or not they mean that the iPad is actually haunted but while it was used during a paranormal investigation, it cracked on its own and was then violently thrown after by something unseen. The seller claims that they obtained it from an estate sale and that no one wants to touch it anymore. It has EVP and paranormal footage on it which is not retrievable given its current state. It’s basically beyond repair…

A Possessed Shrunken Head

Possessed shrunken head from ebay
Listing HERE

I’ll be honest, this one threw me off a bit. Before it was passed on to the current owner, it belonged to two heavy metal bands in the Maryland/DC area. This item apparently contained a “human finger in its nose for years, which has since been returned to its owner” (its deceased owner…) “but the shrunken head still possesses some essence of a spirit.” Priced at over a thousand dollars, the owner doesn’t exactly want to part with it as it’s ‘very precious’ to them. They ended the listing by stating that they have seen it breathe on occasion… Anyone looking for a haunted shrunken head that…breathes?

Ring Possessed by a Dark Djinn

Ring Possessed by a Dark Djinn from ebay
Listing HERE

Who doesn’t love a beautiful ring? But what if it was haunted by a Djinn, especially by one with a dark nature? The owner (a practicing witch of the dark arts and black magick) of this haunted ring states that it possesses impressive power to grant any wish or desire, although the Djinn may twist it up a bit. “You will soon come to realize the unending power that she possesses and what that could mean for you.” They claim that ‘she’ has a smug and narcissistic way about her, unapologetic for her actions. The seller says that the paranormal activity associated with the ring could happen at random and that the Djinn can cause a wide variety of activity but that ‘she’ also goes through periods of not causing any activity. Are you intrigued by this diamond-studded Djinn?

Haunted Clown Bottle

Haunted Clown Bottle From eBay
Listing HERE

Some people find clowns to be frightening enough on their own. But this haunted clown bottle turns up the creep factor just a bit. The seller goes on to state that the bottle came from a woman who lives in a truly haunted home as she believed the clown was the cause of it all. They continue and say that it was likely made in the ’70s from ceramic and that it shows signs of aging as the paint is cracking and the bottle has a few chips in it. They considered taking it to the infamous haunted Clown Motel in Tonapah, Nevada for its paranormal past. The listing ends with a disclaimer that they are not responsible for anything that “may or may not occur to you or others from purchasing this item.” Haunted clown bottle…check!

Disclaimer: I do want to state that I am not making fun of any of these listings nor the owners, for I have always been a fan of the strange, unusual, and macabre!

Thank you guys for diving into the strange, haunted side of eBay with me! If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to keep up with weekly paranormal posts every Monday full of history and haunts!

All sources came directly from eBay.

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