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Welcome to Paranormal Ally's Community Story Tab! Below are stories and experiences submitted by you guys in your own words! Thank you to those who submitted! @Perk_________ (from Instagram) "I know this guy whose uncle got shot and they didn't have a suspect or an eye witness. They didn't want to wait for the... Continue Reading →

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Hauntings of Louisiana

Louisiana is quite famous for it's unique and memorable, jazzy heritage, attracting over 50 million yearly visitors (as of 2018). If you've been lucky enough to have visited or if you plan to take a trip in the future, don't forget about what else Louisiana is known for: the hauntings. There are dozens upon dozens... Continue Reading →

The Paranormal Side of the Moon

For ages, we have looked upon the moon in amazement, believing that it has mystical properties that can have an effect on us and our planet like our ancestors did when they based the calenders they built on the phases of the moon. Although that system may have changed a bit, there is just no... Continue Reading →

The Haunted Mirror of Bela Lugosi

Known most famously for his role in Dracula, Bela Lugosi is also known to have been dabbling in the occult during his years. He would partake in the practice of scrying—peering into a reflective surface in an attempt to foretell the future. He would often use his mirror, studying it to try and capture a... Continue Reading →

The Most Haunted Roads and Highways

Do you ever find yourself seeing something strange on your daily commute or Sunday drive that you simply couldn't explain? Or you may think that roads and highways are odd places to be haunted and for paranormal activity to occur but with the high numbers in automobile accidents and wrecks, it really shouldn't come as... Continue Reading →

Haunted Waters of the World

When you think of haunted places, you likely think of a house, a cemetery, an old jail, or somewhere abandoned, not a body of water. While you are highly likely to experience the paranormal at those types of places, they’re not the only ones where you can capture evidence of the unknown. Rivers and other... Continue Reading →

The Origin of Krampus

Often described as a half-goat, half-demon in Central European folklore, he is an anthropomorphic being set to envoke fear and punish children who have misbehaved. Unlike Santa Claus, who rewards children for their wonderful attitudes, Krampus is...not so jolly, often being associated with negative punishment. Characteristics and Features Krampus is known to resemble a demonic... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Asylums and Haunted Hospitals

Most of us in the paranormal world know about the dark history and twisted treatments that had previously taken place behind the doors of most mental institutions. Because of this, a lot of the abandoned asylums and hospitals that we hear about today are plagued by paranormal activity and why they are a go-to type... Continue Reading →

Haunted Places in Kansas

Aside from the wizards and cowardly lions, Kansas is a very active state when it comes to haunted places. From the demonic Sallie House to the historic John Wornall House Museum, Kansas has plenty of history and haunts to prepare your salt circles! The Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita By David G. Keith This... Continue Reading →

The Most Haunted Battlefields

Throughout history, there have been countless battles and wars, creating death and bloodshed that leaves a stain on the land. Many believe where there was a battle, there are ghosts. Follow along as I discuss some of the most haunted battlefields to date. The Battle of Gettysburg - Pennsylvania Known as the largest battle in... Continue Reading →

The Most Haunting Creepypastas

All of us spread stories to entertain and freak each other out. Whether they are horrific, terrifying, or plain disturbing, hundreds and thousands of these stories linger across the internet, accessible to anyone looking for a good scare. Creepypastas come in many different frightening forms as some involve the paranormal while others revolve around television... Continue Reading →

The Sallie House

While there are countless of haunted homes across the world, not many stick out quite like the Sallie House does as it's quite infamous for the negativity that lurks here. Known as one of the most haunted homes in America, the Sallie House is located on 508 North Second Street in the town of Atchison,... Continue Reading →

Spooky Pictures – Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year, I asked you guys -through Instagram and Facebook- to submit your most spooky photos! Enjoy these pictures of creepy places, beings, and more...preferably in the dark. Royal Air Force Abandoned Military Base Photo by Charlie Barwick Photo by Urban 42 Photo by numb.and.hearless Photo... Continue Reading →

The Creepiest Places on Earth

The world can be a scary place. As Halloween is just around the corner, how about I remind you of the most terrifying and the creepiest places that our planet has to offer? Nagoro, Japan Getty Image When you think of tiny villages, you would probably like to think that it would feel pretty homey... Continue Reading →

International Spooks: The Paris Catacombs

When you think of the Paris catacombs, you may think of a daunting environment that would freak anybody out. Skulls, bones, and death surround you, looming over you with every step you take. But where ever there is death, history lingers as well, a history just waiting to be told. Beneath Paris, France (often referred... Continue Reading →

Spooky Salem

As Halloween approaches, there's one town that's on almost everybody's list: Salem, Massachusettes. It's a town full of infamous history, attracting visitors and tourists from all over the world. Besides the Salem Witch Trials, the town is known for its many haunted locations (not in any particular order). The Hawthorne Hotel In July of 1925,... Continue Reading →

Shadow People

Do you ever find yourself doing a double-take because you thought you saw something strange? Maybe it was a shadow or a mass you spotted within your peripheral. Or maybe, it looms over you in your bed at night. By w:User:Timitzer (Edited) Shadow people are paranormal beings that are commonly referred to be the shadows... Continue Reading →

The Hellfire Club

Money. Power. Time. What more could you ask for, right? It sounds like a luxurious life, one that most of us strive to achieve. But what would you do with it all? Travel? Spend time with your loved ones? You'd like to think than an endless trail of happiness and positivity would then follow. But... Continue Reading →

Iowa Hauntings: Spooky and Creepy Places

Iowa is flooded with paranormal locations as most of them are already widely known and discussed in the paranormal field. Below are a handful of haunted hotspots in Iowa! The Villisca Ax Murder House By Jason McLaren Located in Villisca, Iowa, this famous house has a chilling history that leads to its modern-day hauntings. It... Continue Reading →

Bigfoot, a Larger Than Life Cryptid

"Bigfoot spotted in the mountains!" and "Bigfoot caught on camera, *shocking*" Sounds familiar, right? That's because (aside from ghosts) Bigfoot is one of the most interesting and fascinating beings out there (or not out there, depending on who's reading this)! It's an incredibly popular legend, enticing thousands and thousands of people all over the world.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Most Haunted U.S. Cemeteries

Any place where the dead lay can spark a large amount of paranormal activity. Pretty much any cemetery you visit has a strong potential of being haunted in some way, which is why they're such a good location for contacting the other side. Some cemeteries, however, are more haunted than others. Consider adding these to... Continue Reading →

Origins of the Occult

In the paranormal world, it's not hard to find those who practice or partake in the occult. But what exactly is the occult? What 'practices' does it entail and when did the occult originate? What Does Occult Mean? Occult can be a bit tricky to define as almost everyone has a different meaning for the... Continue Reading →

Haunted Places in London, England (Top 5)

London is a beautiful destination, where you can find breathtaking historical landmarks and where you can make wonderful memories that you'll never forget for the years to come. But when night falls and silence expands throughout the city, a chill may shiver down your spine for when you wander the streets, you may not be... Continue Reading →

The Werewolf: Fact or Fiction?

The werewolf is one of the most famous creatures of folklore still to this day, though media depictions of the werewolf in modern times greatly differs from the half man-half beast in early European folklore (along with other cultures). What is a werewolf? Incase you didn't already know, a werewolf is a mythological human who... Continue Reading →

Goatman’s Bridge

On the surface, this bridge looks completely harmless. Just an abandoned rusted iron bridge, right? Well, yeah but it has a much darker reputation. One that's demonic in nature... Brief History Built in 1884 by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company, it connects the Texas cities of Denton and Copper Canyon. In it’s early days,... Continue Reading →

Haunted Places of Indiana

This post will be one that's pretty special from me as I am originally from the state of Indiana, as for thirteen years of my life, I lived in a pretty haunted house (check out my post, 'Personal Ghost Experiences' to read some of the many stories of that house.) Below are a handful of... Continue Reading →

Indiana Hauntings

This post will be one that's pretty special from me as I am originally from the state of Indiana, as for thirteen years of my life, I lived in a pretty haunted house (check out my post, 'My Paranormal Experiences' to read some of the many stories of that house.) Below are a handful of... Continue Reading →

Spirit Photography, A Creepy Controversy

Dating back to as early as the 19th century, spirit photography was a compelling way to capture evidence of the paranormal. Though it started what seemed to be a supernatural movement, unfortunately, a lot of these accounts and photos turned out to be fraudulent. The good news is that a large and vast majority of... Continue Reading →

The Black-Eyed Children Legend

For decades, tales of black-eyed children have been told all around. Most of these stories are similar in nature—a set of children, typically between the ages of 6 and 16, who approach your doorstep, are hitchhiking, or come up to you in some way and urge for assistance. And you almost feel compelled to abide... Continue Reading →

Villisca Ax Murders

What were the Axe Murders? Occurring between June 10, 1912, and the following morning on June 11, it is still one of the most famous murder cases today that occurred in the town of Villisca, Iowa. Six members of the Moore family, along with two house guests, were found to have been brutally murdered with... Continue Reading →

Villisca Axe Murders

What were the Axe Murders? Occurring between June 10, 1912 and the following morning on June 11, it is still one of most famous murder cases today that occurred in the town of Villisca, Iowa. Six members of the Moore family, along with two house guests, were found to have been brutally murdered with severe... Continue Reading →

The Mothman

On a November night in 1966, five men were digging a grave when overhead, a man-like figure flew lowly from the trees. This sighting, reportedly the first, sparked an interest in what is known as The Mothman. History Three days following the first sighting, two young couples told police that they spotted a large, gray... Continue Reading →

Scary Urban Legends Part 2

Welcome back to Scary Urban Legends! If you haven't read Part 1, it'll always be available for you to enjoy! Time for Part 2, so once again, turn off the lights and get cozy! The Babysitter and The Man Upstairs There are many examples of this legend so I'll focus on the one most known,... Continue Reading →

Scary Urban Legends Part 1

Urban legends have been around for a long time-myths or stories that make you sleep with one eye open at night and make you question whether or not there is something actually lurking in the shadows. Turn off the lights, get cozy, and follow along to read about scary urban legends, if you dare... Aren't... Continue Reading →

The Conjure Chest

The list of haunted objects in the world goes on and on as more are discovered but the Conjure Chest is more than a haunted item as like the Dybbuk Box, it can cause death around those who own it. History of the Conjure Chest A century and a half ago, a slave was ordered... Continue Reading →

The Suicide Forest

Disclaimer: Please do not read on if you are sensitive to the subject of suicide. This post will contain this darker subject matter. If you wish to proceed, then enjoy... What is the Suicide Forest? Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees, is a massive forest in Japan. It is one of the... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Haunts

Aloha, grab a lei and relax! The beautiful place of Hawaii has a lot to offer - beaches, unique scenery, culture, and last but not least, haunts! Pearl Harbor in Oahu Photo in the Public Domain We all know the unfortunate catastrophe that occurred on December 7th, 1941. Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor Naval Station... Continue Reading →

The Crying Boy Curse strokes...What are you thinking of? If you answered painting, you are correct. But I'm not talking about just any piece of art as this post will be about the haunting Crying Boy painting. What is the Crying Boy painting? The Crying Boy is now a mass produced print of the original art by Giovanni... Continue Reading →

Lizzie Borden and Her Home

The home of Lizzie Borden may be beautiful and hold objects of the past but it's that past that makes this house so terrifying... Who Was Lizzie Borden? Lizzie Borden was born on July 19, 1860 and was an American woman who became infamous from the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother, which... Continue Reading →

Automatic Writing

Ghosts and spirits are known to effectively communicate in many different ways but there is one way that seems pretty far fetched when it comes to paranormal interaction. I'm talking about automatic writing. What is Automatic Writing? It is where you participate in letting a ghost/spirit control your arm and hand as you hold a... Continue Reading →

Georgia Ghosts – History and Haunts

Georgia is well known for its southern charm and hospitality but this state is no stranger to paranormal activity and ghosts. Follow along as I go over a handful of haunted locations... Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta Photo by J. Glover Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1850 as Atlanta Cemetery on six acres of land in... Continue Reading →

Georgia Ghosts

Georgia is well known for its southern charm and hospitality but this state is no stranger to paranormal activity. Follow along as I go over a handful of haunted locations... Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta Photo by J. Glover Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1850 as Atlanta Cemetery on six acres of land in the southeast... Continue Reading →

My Haunted Homecoming

So I visited my hometown in Kentucky this past week to see my parents. I had visited before knowing that the house had otherworldly inhabitants but this time, the activity was more than prevalent. In the little quaint riverside town of Cloverport is where I am from and where my mother and my stepfather live.... Continue Reading →

Blue Porches, What’s the Deal?

If you've ever been to the south, you have surely come across porches with haint blue-painted ceilings. But what exactly is the reason for this unique addition and when did this start? The first reports of blue porch ceilings date back to the times of slavery in Georgia and South Carolina. The slave quarters' ceiling,... Continue Reading →

Night Terrors

You wake up sweaty...your heart is pounding, and you are utterly terrified...Yes, today we'll be reading all about night terrors. Night terrors are something that have not only fascinated me but they are very terrifying in nature and anything that is scary or haunting always peeks my interest. So, if you have had night terrors... Continue Reading →

Frightening Florida

Aside from the beach, the gambling, and the glamour, Florida is home to many haunting, frightening locations, adding ghosts to the list. I have listed some of these hotspots below. Enjoy... Miami Biltimore Hotel in Miami Built in 1926 by John McEntee Bowman, the Miami Biltimore Hotel is of luxury and is one of the... Continue Reading →

Alcatraz, Nightmare Penitentiary

Alcatraz is a maximum security penitentiary located on Alcatraz Island, off the coast of San Francisco, California. It held prisoners and inmates who caused trouble at other federal prisons as it would often be referred to as a "last resort prison." A few of the fifteen hundred inmates were Al Capone, George 'Machine Gun' Kelly... Continue Reading →

The Banshee

If you are unfortunate enough to hear the cry of this female spirit, your demise has been etched in fate. Yes, I'm referring to the Banshee and the legends that surround the paranormal entity. The Banshee is a female spirit from Irish folklore who makes herself known by her cries, wails, or shrieks. These distressing... Continue Reading →

Hauntings of Delaware

Aside being a tiny state in the upper east of the United States, Delaware is a beautifully historic destination, but a lot of those locations are plagued with paranormal activity.. Cape Henlopen State Park in Sussex County Photo by user name Kej605 Though it was always technically a public place, it wasn't declared a national... Continue Reading →

The Myrtles Plantation

It has been labeled as "one of America's most haunted homes," currently residing on a hill in Francisville, Louisiana. One thing is for certain, it is shrouded in its dark past. Read on to be immersed in the history of the Myrtles Plantation. Previously called the Antebellum Plantation, the Myrtles Plantation was constructed in 1796... Continue Reading →

Eastern State Penitentiary

I figured it was about time to write about a paranormally active prison. And the Eastern State Penitentiary is the one to start on as it is one of my favorites! Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most haunted prisons to this day as it holds the residual energy of its cruel past. And... Continue Reading →

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary holds onto a long and detailed history. But it also had a decent amount of ghostly history as well. If you love the Queen Mary or are planning to visit, stay tuned to learn more before you go! She is a retired British ocean liner that mainly sailed the Atlantic from 1936... Continue Reading →

Chilling Connecticut

You may think of Connecticut as being an amazing destination to satisfy your hunt for haunts on Halloween. But you can experience the terror in the many haunted locations the state has to offer, given it is known to be of one of the states with the most activity in the whole country. Stay tuned... Continue Reading →

Demons and Beliefs

First of all, this is a post that will be about the darker side of the paranormal. It will contain religious affiliations, but GITS is not passing judgement onto any of these religions. This is purely for informational and entertainment purposes, read on if you do not mind this darker subject. Demons are viewed and... Continue Reading →

Haunted Castles of Ireland

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and simply due to the fact that I love discussing Ireland, it's haunted castles, and the enriched history behind them, I have compiled a list of Ireland's most paranormally active/abandoned castles! Now enjoy some Irish history and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Ballygally Castle in County Antrim Photo (Unedited)... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Most Frightening Games

As a child...did you and a group of friends ever play scary challenges or games that maybe you shouldn't have played? Most of us have, I'm sure... Below are some of the most terrifying games that are commonly played today. Note: I am not endorsing the participation of any of these games, nor have I... Continue Reading →

Colorado Ghosts

Colorado...a wonderfully cold vacation destination. Along with the snow and the sun, it's also a state booming with paranormal attractions. Join me as I list off some of these haunted hotspots! Museum of Colorado Prisons in Canon City Opening in 1871, this old prison consists of two floors and thirty cells on the top floor... Continue Reading →

St. Louis Cemeteries

New Orleans, Louisiana is home to three exceedingly large Roman Catholic cemeteries. Each called St. Louis Cemetery, they are numerically labeled with a 1, 2, and 3. They all contain mostly above-ground vaults and tombs and little spacing with a narrow walkway for visitation navigation. Let's start with number 1... St Louis Cemetery 1 This... Continue Reading →

Leap Castle

In Coolderry, Ireland there resides a haunted castle called Leap Caste (it is pronounced 'Lep'). It's not fully known as to when the castle was built as there are varied estimates anyway from the 13th century to the 15th century, though more than likely around 1250 C.E. Either way, it's a pretty old structure. Though... Continue Reading →

Paranormal California

California is known for its sunny days, beautiful scenery and is home to many, many celebrities of Hollywood. But its also a state full of haunted locations. Enjoy the following as I list off some of these paranormal destinations and take note if you're planning a trip! Hotel del Coronado By Armandoartist This Victorian beachfront... Continue Reading →

The Bell Witch

It all started with the Bell family who lived in Robertson County, Tennessee in the early 19th century. A man named John Bell Sr. and his family were plagued by a supernatural entity that was invisible and had the capabilities to speak and shapeshift. Some claimed the being could be in more than one place... Continue Reading →

The Dybbuk Box

Have you ever heard of a wine box that can cause death and chaos? If not, get comfortable as you read about this terrifying object and its history. Well, to start let's analyze what a Dybbuk is. A Dybbuk is a malicious and restless entity that can possess and haunt the living and is believed... Continue Reading →

Locations in Arkansas

Arkansas is a place of uniqueness and beauty, making it a wonderful travel destination. I've seen this beauty for myself, but I have yet to experience what the paranormal locations have to offer first-hand. But I have done my research to bring you this state's top haunted locations. Enjoy! The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs... Continue Reading →

The Chernobyl Disaster and Hauntings

In 1986, one of the largest nuclear accidents occurred in Russia near Pripyat, which has long since been abandoned. The event was labeled as a level 7 (the maximum) on the International Nuclear Event Scale. Personally, this is one of my favorite topics to discuss... By Ingmar Runge On a night in April of that... Continue Reading →

Annabelle and Robert

Dolls have always had a reputation to be creepy and unsettling. But they're also known from time to time to contain evil and be a conduite for ghostly and demonic activity, as the stories of Annabelle and Robert are prime examples of how terrifying inanimate objects can be... Annabelle You likely know about The Conjuring... Continue Reading →

Spirits of Alaska

When you hear the state name, Alaska, what do you think of? Maybe the bitterly cold air, the breathtaking scenery, and/or the beautiful wildlife that inhabit there come to mind. Well, beyond the positive, lies the paranormal and the ghostly. Stay tuned as I list off some of the most active locations in Alaska... The... Continue Reading →

The Stanley Hotel

By Miguel Vieira from Walnut Creek, CA, USA - Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Uploaded by xnatedawgx, CC BY 2.0, Located in Estes Park in Colorado, the Stanley Hotel has a prominent reputation for being a paranormal hot-spot and served as inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining, which eventually lead to a successful film. After... Continue Reading →

The Island of Dolls

Located in Xochimilco, Mexico, the Island of Dolls may be one of the creepiest places that you could ever visit. With hundreds, maybe thousands of various aged dolls surrounding the area, now tangled up in cobwebs and crawling with insects, you'll likely have nightmares if you ever have the courage to go... By Amrith Raj... Continue Reading →

Arizona Ghosts

Aside from the high temperatures and cacti, Arizona is home to many haunted locations all across the state. Below, I have compiled a list representing a handful of these places. The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee Built by the Phelps Dodge Corporation from 1898 through 1902, this historic hotel served as a place for those... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Ghost Ship

We all know about the Flying Dutchman, maybe some of us heard about it through a famous yellow sponge. *Wink* No matter where from, you likely know about it and the legend that surrounds it, although there are more than one. This notorious ship is forever bound to sail the seas and never dock on... Continue Reading →

Ouija Boards

A Ouija board is a board labeled numerically and alphabetically used to connect with spirits or ghosts. The board is typically made of wood, paired with a plastic planchette, which aids in the communication by revealing numbers, letters, a yes or a no, and a goodbye as it slides across under your fingertips. Since it's... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of Alabama

On Paranormal Ally, I will be going over haunted attractions and locations in every state of the United States. All states have places with chilling reputations and backgrounds that lead them to be haunted today. Below are a select few of these locations in Alabama. Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham Image: WikipediaImage: Wikipedia Starting operation producing... Continue Reading →

The Ancient History Of Ghosts

Ghosts and ghost stories have been told long since Ancient times, every culture doing so in their own special and unique way. Follow along as I break down the belief among various cultures. China The Chinese believed that if you died a lonely death weren't properly laid to rest, that with the light of a... Continue Reading →

Personal Ghost Experiences

The following stories are mixed of some told by people I know and some that I have personally experienced. There's plenty of them, so enjoy... The Woman in Lavender To this day, my mother still shares this story with me, swearing up and down that it happened and it's still a story that I love... Continue Reading →

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